Ford 6.0L Diesel FICM
“Fuel Injection Control Module”
Repair / Upgrades

Produced 2003 to 2007 F-250 F350 F450 F550 F650 F-750 Excursion and E Series to 2009





There are two versions of the FICM “Fuel Injection Control Module” for the 6.0L Power Stroke, The 2003 version and 2004 onward. The change occurred in late 2003 into 2004. Therefore early 2004 models may have either FICM. These two versions share the same case. Externally the 2003 will have the rubber vibration dampers attached to the FICM itself. The 2004 onward will have the vibration dampers at the bottom of the mounting brackets. This identification only holds true if the FICM has not already been replaced. Proof positive is to look at the international label on the connector side of the FICM. 2003’s will start with 1837127C. 2004 and later will start with 1845117C.




2003 models have seven towers “pins” connecting the computer side of the board to the DC/DC converter “power supply”. The additional 3 pins provide +5vdc power, a ground and a clock signal.  2004 onward have four towers. The 7 pin model has individual low & high side drivers for the opening & closing of the injector spool valves with a total of 32 power mosfets compared to only 4 low side drivers on the 4 pin version for a total of 20. Fewer devices doing more work. Plus the 7-pin version had additional circuitry. The reason for the change was; parts count, more devices cost more money. From our observation the 7 pin FICM had superior manufacturing & quality controls than did the 4-pin module. So don’t be in a hurry to replace it.




Most FICM’s are murdered. When batteries get low / weak “voltage drops” your electronic devices attempt to overcome the situation by drawing more amperage. Amperage is what kills you when you get electrocuted not voltage.  The excessive heat caused by the amperage draw and shortfalls during manufacturing all add to the FICM’s failure mode. Plus it sits on top of a hot vibrating engine to start with. All this being said the FICM does a remarkable job for all it is subjected too.

Lightning strike

Welding on the vehicle

EMP – we are all in trouble if that happens

Bad of marginal wire harness

Numerous aftermarket programming changes corrupting the flash memory chips

Power supply board failure (DC/DC Converter)

Logic board (computer board) failure




Every FICM we get in to rebuild has power supply issues. Approximately 80% are also afflicted with some kind of issue on the computer board as well. Many of which you may never notice. Some things you will notice are a slight miss or running a little ruff. We correct these during our re-manufacturing process. We have “in stock” every device “component” on both boards.