Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Fuel Injection Control Module FICM Repair & Upgrades

Produced 2003 to 2007 F250 F350 F450 F550 F650 F750 Excursion and E Series to 2009







Is your 6.0 missing, rough, lagging on power, a no-start, or maybe it needs the block heater plugged in to start, could be throwing a 0611 code or multiple injection low circuit failure codes. Please don’t buy new injectors before correcting the FICM first. You may not need them. These symptoms are all part of the Ford 6.0L Power Stoke Fuel Injection Control Module’s ”Failure Modes”.



ERS is a connected high end electronics repair facility, involved practices include but are not limited to design, refurbishment, updating and the return fielding of sensitive control instrumentation. There are several hours of testing and correction involved in refurbishing these Fuel Injection Control Modules to a dependable and long lasting condition. Your FICM is completely gone through and all deficits are corrected and our update is performed on every unit received. In addition to passing bench tests the restored FICM is run on a 6.0L test engine. The Ford Fuel injection control module is the only automotive application that we currently restore and this is proudly performed in the USA. Our reputation is paramount and therefore we do not offer any — I found a soldering iron $100.00 patched up repair services, sorry.


We are the Original & First facility with a  LIFE TIME WARRANY


We will save you hundreds over factory FICM replacement.

Nation wide service with 24 hr turn around times, “in today out tomorrow” excluding weekends

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Please go to the testing page ”FICM Testing” with information for you to determine the status of you FICM—printable


For whatever reason your received fuel injection control module is non-repairable, this is usually due to a major logic side induced failure (we can rebuild that also but you could buy a new one from Ford for less than what our shop rate would be) we will return your FICM to you at no charge provided that it has not been subjected to a previous repair attempt by other parties. I which case, a $100.00 inspection fee will be incurred. We do rebuild pervious repair attempts only under the above understood liabilities that the owner of the FICM assumes. If the previous repair attempt is reversible standard pricing and warrantees apply.


For current pricing and our delivery address please go to ”Services” There are two service options available our Standard Repair Service and our ”Upgraded HO FICM”. The High Output performance mod also known as a “Heavy Duty” delivers improved cold weather starting, better throttle response and increased mileage. Is your truck going to resemble the F15 departing Elmendorf above, not really but its going to run good.

Repaired FICMs / Fuel Injection Control Modules are "Plug and Play ready" - original programming “flash” remains.

Just bolt back in and you are ready to go


Better than new — No more failures

”Life-Time Warranty”


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